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T H E  O F F I C I A L  H O M E  P A G E  O F  T H E   P H A N T O M  L I M B S
For crying out loud, wake up, people! Look what you missed! - Jello Biafra
Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys and Alternative Tentacles Records on the demise of the band he signed, The Phantom Limbs:
Jello + Limb
(this is not Jello Biafra)
The Phantom LImbs are what punk and the New Wave were supposed to be about in the first place- something new. The first time I saw them, at Gilman Street, I was stunned- the weirdest band I'd ever seen at the place and the Gilman punx actually liked them. By the end of the night they were on our label.

I sometimes wonder if they spawned their own genre. The closest reference would be the Screamers, due to the keyboard-driven mayhem and Hopeless's Tomata- like ringmastery. But there is more of a classical, harpsichord-y/ Phantom of the Opera thing going here- like Gilbert & Sullivan gone horribly terribly wrong. This is tied-to-the-railroad-tracks music at its finest, like being trapped in a Barbary Coast bordello when the San Francisco Earthquake hits.

They blew apart way too soon. So many great bands do these days. ...drives me batshit when people go on about how, "the old skool bands were so much better than now because they sounded so different from each other and had more ideas." But when something genuinely new and different that delivers the fresh energy we crave hits the scene, these same people ignore it in favor of the latest empty copy of some old school band. For crying out loud, wake up, people! Look what you missed.

there will never be another. I miss them more than any band in recent years.

- Jello Biafra (September 2008)