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Stevenson's 2002 US Tour Index

Ram, Unidentified Woman, Hopelsss - Tacoland San Antonio

Best Shows:

Los Angeles CA - The Garage, San Antonio TX - Tacoland, Atlanta GA -MJQ's, Richmond VA - Hole in the Wall, New York NY - ABC No Rio, Reno NV - House Party

Worst Shows:

Las Vegas NV - Cooler Lounge, El Paso TX - Cantina La Tuya, New Orleans - El Matador, Brooklyn NY - Club Luxx

Wierdest Show:

Nashville TN w/ a couple of Christian high school bands and their parents.

Unbearably Hot Basements Played:


Some of the Best Bands We Played With for the First Time:

Myles of Destruction (Philly), Flux Information Sciences (Boston), Neptune (Detroit)

Some of the Worst Bands We Played With:

I Will Lick Any Asshole (Las Vegas NV), Sinutab (Brooklyn NY), (there are a couple more I'm too nice to mention.)
Austin D&G
Hopeless Attacks Shane from Dead and Gone - Emo's Austin
Austin Vomit
Hopeless Lets it Go - Emo's Austin

Favorite Person Met:

Ram, owner and proprietor of Taco Land, San Antonio TX

Biggest Asshole Met:

Sheriff in Michigan

Worst Meal:

Waffle House, 4 AM, Western Louisiana

Worst Liquor Law Encountered:

Milwaukee (you can't buy beer after 9pm!!)

Times Vomited:

Stevenson: 0, Sköt: 0, Miller: 0, Klösoff: 6, Hopeless: 24

Places where the weather was nice:

Stevenson vs. Miller Ms PacMan Death Match - Hole in the Wall - Richmond VA

Hellish places that made me feel like I was trapped in some sort of Spring Break 2002 Nightmare:

Downtown Austin around Emo's at night, Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Biggest Asshole Met:

Sheriff in Michigan

Ms. Pac Man - Stevenson vs. Jason:

Stevenson: 2 Jason: 1
Colorado Breakdown
The Van Breaks Down - Outside Wray CO

Ms Pac Man high score:

Stevenson - 196,000 (Richmond VA)

Money Stevenson won gambling (net):

Las Vegas: +$450 (craps), New Orleans: -$10 (poker machines), Wendover NV: +$200 (craps), Reno NV: -$150 (craps, blackjack). Net gain/loss: + $490!

Shows Canceled due to the van breaking down:

2 (Colorado Springs CO, Provo UT)

Miles the Van was Towed:


Van Parts Replaced:

Fuel Pump, Gas Cap, Radiator Cap, Voltage Regulator

Parking Tickets:

1 (Tucson)

Traffic Tickets:

1 (Michigan)

Hopeless Injuries:

Assorted Cuts to the head, Hand cut open (stitches needed) (Cleveland), ankle sprained (Reno)

Jason Injuries:

Deep cuts to shoulder, wrestling on broken glass with Hopeless.

Ducks Saved: