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Stevenson's 2003 US Tour Breakdown

This was probably the most stressful tour we've ever done, due to catastrophic vehicle failures, long drives rushing to make up for lost time, crappy road food, and noxious fumes both man and machine made. At least the weather was nice.
Hi Tone, Mephpis TN
Miller outside the Hi Tone, Memphis TN

Van parts replaced:

ignition module, coil in the pick-up, battery, transmission casing, transmission (rebuilt), u-joints, voltage regulator, alternator wire (repaired).

Expenses due to Van breaking down:

over $1300

Times Tom Sedgwick saved tour with his automotive advice/assistance:


AutoZones visited:


Longest drive:

Tupelo, MS to Boston MA 25+ hours straight

Best shows:

Record St Café - Reno NV, Ziggy's - Chattanooga TN, ABC No Rio -NYC

Honorable Mention:

MacGuyver Studios - Tucson AZ, Midway Café - Boston MA, CBGB's - NYC, Abbey Pub - Chicago IL
The Van - Dead. Comfort Inn, Tupelo MS
Stevenson at Elvis' Birthplace

Worst Shows:

Conservatory, Oklahoma City OK, Club Luxx, Brooklyn (again!!)

Shows missed due to busted transmission:

Atlanta (rescheduled for the following Monday), Knoxville, Richmond, Philly, Jacksonville FL

Shows rained out:

Denton, Texas

Shows missed due to apathy:

Salt Lake City

Ms PacMan (Miller vs Sedgwick):

1-1 Tie

High Scores:

Miller: Galiga, Donkey Kong. Sedgwick: Ms Pac Man, Centipede


Sköt B, Hopeless
Klösoff and Sköt B on Elvis' Porch/span>
Central Park
Klösoff and Sköt B on Elvis' Porch

Days spend at the g_d-forsaken Comfort Inn in Tupelo MS:


Some of the great bands we played with:

Neptune, Point Line Plane, Lost Sounds, 400 Blows, Tyrades, Queerwolf, Some Death Metal band from Atlanta (in Chattanooga) w/ a drum machine.

Elvis landmarks visited:

Graceland, birthplace in Tupelo, former karate studio (now HiTone Café)

Curses placed on us by the King for disrespecting his home:


Curses lifted by respecting the King's place of birth:


Outstanding Young Americans:

Jeff from Birmingham who drove up twice to see us in Atlanta, Bobby from Double Dick Slick who didn't mind that we fucked up his van with our U-Haul.
Outside CBGBs
Stevenson and Katya Outside CBGB, NYC
Subway, NYC
Stevenson waiting for a train, NYC

Most disgusting beer drank:

Bud from the Tap, Climax Lounge, Denver Colorado

Southern Hospitality:


I Love New York: