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accept the juice Alternative Tentacles (VIRUS 394) 2009
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CD Track Listing

1. Murder Us Windpipes 11. Jointy Stranded (re-mix)
2. Shake a Baby (7" version) 12. Hot Knives and Hornets (Witches' mix)
3. Hot Knives and Hornets 13. Murder Us Crackpipes
4. The Biggest Snowball 14. Intro
5. Shut Up Old Man 15. Sebastiane (Live)
6. 122 Hours of Fear 16. Piss On Them Lightly (Live)
7. Girl on a Trapeze 17. How Calm You Are (Live)
8. Look Ma No Hands 18. Shut Them Out (Live)
9. Romance (Demo) 19. Unhinged Face (Live)

DVD: Whole Loto Love

Live from Oakland to Berlin to Warsaw! + behind the scenes + extra super bonus feaures!