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T H E  O F F I C I A L  H O M E  P A G E  O F  T H E   P H A N T O M  L I M B S
For crying out loud, wake up, people! Look what you missed! - Jello Biafra

History (1999-2005) and (2016-2018)


Hopeless Hopeless (aka Loto Ball)

Stevenson Stevenson Sedgwick

Sköt Sköt B.

Bass, Keys
Jason Jason Miller

Mike Mike Klösoff

Dodge B200



Early 1999 - Stevenson Sedgwick (keys) forms the limbs in Oakland CA, with fellow San Fernando Valley ex-patriots: Mike Klösoff (drums), Sköt B (bass, keys), Hopeless (vox), and local Ben H.
November 6, 1999 - Limbs play first show at the Port-Lite dive, in Oakland CA to acclaim.
2000 - Limbs play extensively on the west coast to adoring deathrock, punk, metal, goth, indie and barbershop raga crowds.
January 2000 Ben H. is replaced by Jason Miller on temporary assignment.
January 2000 - 5 Song Demo is recorded. Tracks are: Minutes Collector, Girl on a Trapeze, Jointly Stranded and Hot Knives and Hornets (Stevenson plays guitar)
April 2000 - Kundalini takes over guitar duties
July 2000 - Kundalini relieved of guitar duties
August 2000 - Jason Miller permanently joins the limbs on guitar.
November 2000 - Limbs release 1st 7' on Atakra Records to rave reviews.
December 2000 - Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys witnesses the Limbs at 924 Gilman St in the People’s Republic of Berkeley, declares they are the strangest band he has ever witnessed at Gilman and signs them to his label, Alternative Tentacles on the spot.
May 2001 - Limbs and Fleshies split 7' released. Each covers a song from the other band. Brilliant!
May 2001 - Limbs release the Chicago Kid / Mungaso production The Early Years 1999-2000 DVD
May 12, 2001 - Limbs play infamous gig at the Alternative Tentacles Showcase at the Great American Music Hall, Hopeless ruins the carpet.
August 2001 - Applied Ignorance is released on Alternative Tentacles. Hailed as a masterpiece of the sports casual genre.
September 2001 - First US tour.
June 2002 - Second US tour.
October 2002 - First European tour. Lots of Crust and dirty sock soup.
May 2003 - Limbs record new record with Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Studios
September 2003 - Limbs release their second album, Displacement on Alternative Tentacles, again to critical acclaim.
October 2003 - 4 song Euro 7' w/ Mono Brutal comic comes out on Trans-solar Records in Deutschland. Features exclusive cover of the Screamers '122 Hours of Fear'
October 2003 - Third and final US Tour. Limbs go to Graceland. The beloved ’79 Dodge B200 breaks down outside of Tupelo. Limbs spend several days in the hometown of Elvis.
October 2003 - Limbs voted best 'rock' band in San Francisco by San Francisco Weekly readers poll.
December 2003 - Split 7' with the Vanishing released on Hungry Eye Records
May 2004 - Displacement released on Trans-Solar Records in Europe.
September 14, 2004 - Limbs play last San Francisco show ever at Edinburgh Castle. They rock.
September 2004 - Limbs play last US show ever in Oakland. Not their best show.
October 2004 - Second and Final European tour. Greatest tour ever.
October 23, 2004 - Limbs play last show ever in Berlin, Germany @ Mad n' Crazy.. Kick-ass show.
March 2005 - Limbs release final record, Random Hymns EP on GSL to critical acclaim. The controversial track, 'Jackalope Rising', is alternately called 'stunning', 'one of the more original, in your face tracks in recorded history', and 'a great mistake' by the critics.
October 31, 2005 - Limbs officially disband.
March 2009 - Limbs release Accept the Juice / Whole Loto Love CD/DVD, a compilation of 7"s, compilation tracks, and rarities AND a live DVD
December 3, 2016 - Limbs play first show in 13 years at Oakland Metro!
July 9, 2017 - Limbs play first LA show in decades!
June 17, 2018 - Limbs play Jello Biafra's 60th Birthday. Last Limbs show. That's it! DONE!


There are far too many people to thank for what was an awesome and truly Jumanji journey. In short, thanks to all our friends, family and significant others, all our fans, all the labels who put our records out, all the bands we played with, all the DJs who spun us, all the bookers, bartenders, sound guys and gals, all the drivers, roadies and reviewers, everyone who filmed or photographed us, everyone who let us crash on their floor, shared a bed or a beer or a cigarette, cooked or bought us a meal, gave us a place to practice or record, loaned us an amp or a snare drum or a girlfriend, offered usefull advice - musical, automotive or otherwise, anyone who had a kind word or encouraging gesture and everyone who championed us at our musical best and tolerated us at our rockstar worst. Finally thanks to all of you who actually purchased our music.