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For crying out loud, wake up, people! Look what you missed! - Jello Biafra


Juggling at the Limbs Show! July 9, 2017 - Los Angeles CA @ Part Time Punks @ EchoPlex w/ very special guests: Ergots on Ergot and Future Shoxxx

See Spatula Hawk 7/7/2017 in Oakland (featuring members of the limbs)! Location TBA soon.

Below is an attempt to reconstruct the ~225 legendarys shows the Limbs played across the US and Europe, but mostly in the SF Bay Area from their first show November 6, 1999 in Oakland CA at a notorious dive called the Port Light to October 23, 2004 in Berlin, Germany at Mad 'n' Crazy. And it's sortable too! Still needs some cleaning up. Lots of typos. Hope to link these to pics, more flyers and videos at some point. If you have a missing flyer or photo, please email us! Enjoy!

7/9/2017Los AngelesCAUSAThe Echo view flyer
7/7/2017OaklandCAUSAFirst Church of the Buzzard
12/3/2016OaklandCAUSAOakland Metro view flyer
10/23/2004Berlin GermanyMad 'n' Crazy view flyer
10/22/2004Kiel GermanyAlte Meierei view flyer
10/21/2004Groningen NetherlandsORKZ
10/20/2004Kortrijk BelgiumThe Pits
10/19/2004Bonn GermanyBla9
10/18/2004Stuttgart GermanyObw 9
10/17/2004Frieburg GermanyKTS
10/16/2004Strasbourg FranceLe Molodoi
10/15/2004Paris FranceGlaz Art
10/14/2004Rennes FranceMondo Bizarro view flyer
10/13/2004Zaragoza SpainArrebato
10/12/2004Bergara SpainGaztetxea
10/11/2004Madrid SpainSala Custom Café
10/10/2004Lyon FranceCco Villeurbanne
10/9/2004Bochum GermanyZwischenfall
10/8/2004Basel SwitzerlandHirscheneck
10/7/2004Bologna ItalyAtlantilde
10/6/2004Udine ItalyCS Volturno
10/5/2004Nurenburg GermanyK4
10/4/2004Budapest HungaryMusic Factory
10/3/2004Lublin PolandKazik
10/2/2004Warsaw PolandAurora view flyer
10/1/2004Berlin GermanyMagnet view flyer
9/25/2004OaklandCAUSAHazMat Warehouse view flyer
9/14/2004San FranciscoCAUSAEdinburgh Castle
9/7/2004Reno NVCAUSAClub Infinity
6/18/2004San FranciscoCAUSABottom of the Hill view flyer
5/15/2004San FranciscoCAUSAEl Rio view flyer
4/30/2004OaklandCAUSAPtomaine Temple
4/17/2004San DiegoCAUSACalifornia Club
4/16/2004Los AngelesCAUSAThe Eye (Ramada Inn!) view flyer
3/27/2004San FranciscoCAUSAThe Elbo Room view flyer
3/18/2004San FranciscoCAUSAThe Eagle view flyer
3/5/2004OaklandCAUSASlaugherhouse view flyer
3/4/2004San FranciscoCAUSAGreat American Music Hall view flyer
1/29/2004San FranciscoCAUSAStudio Z view flyer
1/17/2004ArcataCAUSA330 G St
1/17/2004ArcataCAUSA330 G St
12/13/2003BerkeleyCAUSA924 Gilman St.
11/22/2003San FranciscoCAUSAEl Rio view flyer
11/15/2003PortlandORUSATwilight Café view flyer
11/14/2003SacramentoCAUSA24K Café
10/31/2003OaklandCAUSA53rd & San Pablo view flyer
10/26/2003RenoNVUSARecord St Café
10/24/2003DenverCOUSAClimax Lounge view flyer
10/22/2003ChicagoILUSAAbbey Pub
10/21/2003ColumbusOHUSALegion of Doom
10/20/2003PittsburgPAUSAMr. Roboto Project
10/19/2003New YorkNYUSACBGB's view flyer
10/18/2003WilliamsburgNYUSAClub Luxx
10/18/2003New YorkNYUSAABC No Rio
10/17/2003Jamaica Plain (Boston)MAUSAMidway Cafe
10/10/2003MemphisTNUSAHigh Tone
10/9/2003Oklahoma CityOKUSAConservatory
10/7/2003AustinTXUSARoom 710
10/6/2003San AntonioTXUSASin 13
10/5/2003El PasoTXUSAPeanut Gallery? view flyer
10/4/2003TucsonAZUSAMcGuyver Studios view flyer
10/3/2003Los AngelesCAUSAThe Smell
9/26/2003San FranciscoCAUSA924 Gilman St. view flyer
9/6/2003San FranciscoCAUSABottom of the Hill view flyer
7/30/2003OaklandCAUSAPtomaine Temple
6/21/2003Los AngelesCAUSACasa Del Pueblo view flyer
6/20/2003San JoseCAUSABlank Club
2/28/2003BerkeleyCAUSA924 Gilman St. view flyer
2/11/2003San FranciscoCAUSACurve Barl view flyer
1/3/2003San FranciscoCAUSABottom of the Hill view flyer
12/15/2002SacramentoCAUSAEspresso Metro
12/13/2002Nevada CityCAUSAPetersons Corner view flyer
11/22/2002San FranciscoCAUSAMission Records
11/15/2002San FranciscoCAUSADNA Lounge view flyer
10/27/2002Amsterdam NetherlandsDe Diepte
10/26/2002Gronigen NetherlandsORKZ view flyer
10/25/2002Bielefeld GermanyAJZ view flyer
10/24/2002North Bremen GermanyU-Shop
10/23/2002Hamburg GermanyGauss Srt. 79
10/22/2002Berlin GermanySubversiv view flyer
10/20/2002Prague Czech RepublicPapirna
10/19/2002Brno Czech RepublicU Babieky
10/18/2002Vsetin Czech RepublicKrystal
10/17/2002Vienna AustriaEKH
10/16/2002Bratislava SlovakiaBernolak
10/13/2002Trate SloveniaBajta
10/12/2002Il. Bistrica SloveniaMKNZ
10/11/2002Udine ItalyCentro Sociale Autogestito view flyer
10/10/2002Cervia ItalyCasello
10/9/2002Imperia ItalyBabilonia
10/8/2002Turin ItalyEl Paso view flyer
10/7/2002Basel SwitzerlandKulturkollektiv Hirscheneck
10/6/2002Freiburg GermanyKTS
10/5/2002Stuttgard GermanyJH Fasanenhof
10/3/2002The Hague NetherlandsSCSI Cell
10/2/2002Liege BelgiumLa Zone
10/1/2002Kortrijk BelgiumThe Pits view flyer
9/29/2002Amsterdam NetherlandsOCCII
9/28/2002Knotich BelgiumLintfabriek
9/27/2002Bochum GermanyZwischenfall view flyer
9/26/2002Leipzig GermanyZoro Club
9/25/2002Stendal GermanyZenit
9/24/2002Berlin GermanyKopi
9/23/2002Hamburg GermanyFlora
9/22/2002Hamburg GermanyNo Pasaran
9/21/2002Amsterdam NetherlandsRobodock Festival
9/20/2002Hannover GermanyKopernikusstr.
9/19/2002Bremen GermanyThe Tower Bar
8/30/2002San FranciscoCAUSACafé Du Nord view flyer
8/24/2002Berkeley (People's Republic of)CAUSA924 Gilman St. view flyer
8/2/2002OaklandCAUSATalk of the Town
7/20/2002San FranciscoCAUSAEl Rio view flyer
7/8/2002RenoNVUSAHouse Party
7/5/2002OmahaNEUSASokol Hall
7/4/2002ChicagoILUSAProdigal Son Bar
7/3/2002MilwaukeeWIUSAPunk Mahal
7/1/2002ClevelandOHUSABeachland Tavern
6/30/2002PittsburgPAUSAThe Upstage view flyer
6/29/2002New YorkNYUSAClub Luxx
6/29/2002New YorkNYUSAABC No Rio
6/28/2002BostonMAUSAO'Brian's view flyer
6/27/2002PhiladelphiaPAUSAChris and Talon's Storefront
6/25/2002W. ColumbiaSCUSAUncle Doctors
6/24/2002AtlantaGAUSAMJQ's view flyer
6/23/2002NashvilleTNUSANxt Generation
6/22/2002New OrleansLAUSAEl Matador view flyer
6/21/2002HoustonTXUSANotsuoh view flyer
6/19/2002San AntonioTXUSATacoland view flyer
6/18/2002El PasoTXUSACantina La Tuya
6/16/2002TucsonAZUSAVaudeville Cabaret
6/15/2002Los VegasNVUSACooler Lougue
6/14/2002Los AngelesCAUSAThe Garage
6/1/2002San FranciscoCAUSABottom of the Hill view flyer
5/2/2002San FranciscoCAUSAGreat American Music Hall
4/26/2002San FranciscoCAUSACafé Du Nord view flyer
3/30/2002Berkeley (People's Republic of)CAUSA924 Gilman St.
3/1/2002San FranciscoCAUSAKimos view flyer
2/2/2002San FranciscoCAUSACW Saloon view flyer
1/20/2002Los AngelesCAUSAThe Garage
1/19/2002Hermosa BeachCAUSASuzy's view flyer
1/18/2002Santa CruzCAUSACafe Pergolesi
1/5/2002San FranciscoCAUSABottom of the Hill
11/27/2001San FranciscoCAUSACW Saloon view flyer
11/3/2001San FranciscoCAUSACW Saloon view flyer
10/27/2001PortlandORUSAParis Theatre view flyer
10/20/2001San FranciscoCAUSAMission Records view flyer
10/13/2001Berkeley (People's Republic of)CAUSAKALX
9/24/2001RenoNVUSAPark St. Cage view flyer
9/23/2001Salt Lake CityUTUSAKilby Court
9/22/2001Colorado SpringsCOUSAIndustrial nation
9/21/2001OmahaNEUSAHouse Party
9/20/2001ChicagoILUSAFireside Bowl
9/18/2001OberlinOHUSAHouse Party @ Oberlin College
9/17/2001PittsburgPAUSAMr. Roboto Project view flyer
9/16/2001ProvidenceRIUSAHive Archive
9/15/2001New YorkNYUSAParkside Lounge
9/12/2001NewarkDEUSAEast End Cafe view flyer
9/11/2001RichmondVAUSAChopsticks view flyer
9/10/2001AshevilleNCUSAVincent's Ear
9/9/2001KnoxvilleTNUSAThe Pilot Light
9/8/2001ChattanoogaTNUSAJacob's Ladder view flyer
9/7/2001AtlantaGAUSADye Slaughter House view flyer
9/6/2001New OrleansLAUSAMermaid Lounge
9/5/2001New OrleansLAUSADixie Tavern view flyer
9/2/2001TucsonAZUSADouble Zero
9/1/2001Joshua TreeCAUSAJoshua Tree Café
8/31/2001Los AngelesCAUSAMr. T's Bowl
8/25/2001Berkeley (People's Republic of)CAUSA924 Gilman St.
8/14/2001San FranciscoCAUSABottom of the Hill view flyer
8/12/2001San JoseCAUSAKFJC
7/27/2001Los AngelesCAUSARelease the Bats view flyer
7/13/2001San FranciscoCAUSAKimos view flyer
7/8/2001San FranciscoCAUSAThe Pound view flyer
6/8/2001San FranciscoCAUSACW Saloon view flyer
5/17/2001San JoseCAUSALidos
5/12/2001San FranciscoCAUSAGreat American Music Hall view flyer
4/27/2001BerkeleyCAUSA924 Gilman St. view flyer
3/24/2001San FranciscoCAUSAKimos view flyer
2/9/2001RichmondCAUSABurnt Ramen view flyer
2/6/2001San FranciscoCAUSACW Saloon view flyer
12/22/2000BerkeleyCAUSA924 Gilman St. view flyer
12/10/2000OlympiaWAUSAVouyer Cafe view flyer
12/9/2000PortlandORUSAMeow Meow
12/8/2000EurekaCAUSAVista view flyer
11/4/2000San FranciscoCAUSAThe Tempest view flyer
11/3/2000San FranciscoCAUSACW Saloon view flyer
10/28/2000OaklandCAUSAElizabeth's House view flyer
9/30/2000Berkeley (People's Republic Of)CAUSA924 Gilman St. view flyer
9/23/2000OaklandCAUSAPortlite view flyer
9/5/2000Santa CruzCAUSASaturn Café
9/3/2000Los AngelesCAUSAThe Lab
9/2/2000VenturaCAUSAThe Red Cove
9/1/2000San DiegoCAUSAAztec Bowl
8/25/2000BerkeleyCAUSACloyne Court view flyer
7/29/2000San FranciscoCAUSACyclone Warehouse view flyer
7/27/2000San FranciscoCAUSAKimos view flyer
7/21/2000SacramentoCAUSAPress Club
7/15/2000OaklandCAUSA40th St. Warehouse view flyer
7/14/2000San FranciscoCAUSACW Saloon view flyer
5/28/2000San FranciscoCAUSACafé Du Nord view flyer
5/17/2000Berkeley (People's Republic Of)CAUSA924 Gilman St.
5/5/2000San FranciscoCAUSACW Saloon view flyer
4/29/2000OaklandCAUSAStork Club view flyer
4/7/2000San FranciscoCAUSAThe Stud view flyer
4/1/2000San FranciscoCAUSAKimos view flyer
3/25/2000OaklandCAUSAPortlite view flyer
3/24/2000EurekaCAUSAThe Vista view flyer
3/18/2000BakersfieldCAUSANarducci's Café view flyer
3/17/2000VenturaCAUSAThe Red Cove view flyer
3/4/2000San FranciscoCAUSAMission Records view flyer
2/12/2000OaklandCAUSAStork Club
12/17/1999San FranciscoCAUSAParadise Lounge
11/6/1999OaklandCAUSAPortlite view flyer

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