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T H E  O F F I C I A L  H O M E  P A G E  O F  T H E   P H A N T O M  L I M B S
For crying out loud, wake up, people! Look what you missed! - Jello Biafra


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Check out Wolf Interval / Recluse Consortium featuring Stevenson and Jason from the Phantom Limbs, Jefferson Quiltee from Haunted Tiger and Colby from Ails!

THERE SHALL BE NO MORE LIMBS SHOWS EVER! Check out some limbs related bands here!

Merch Restocked! Check it here!

Hey, we found the Limbs original 6-song demo! Now on YouTube here!


DOOD! Check out this Supreme Skate Video featuring the Limbs 'Somebody Twisted Your Arms'

Limbs to play Jello Biafra's 60th Birthday Bash June 17, 2018 @ Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA !!! GET TICKETS!!!!

Limbs last reunion show is June 17, 2018 @ Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA !!! GET TICKETS!!!!

Accept The Juice CD Applied Ignorance [Bonus Reissue] Now back in print with new artwork and bonus tracks on CD and cassette! Get it today!

LIMBS FIRST SHOW IN 13 YEARS !!! December 3, 2016 - Oakland CA - The Metro !!! Video here and here!

Accept The Juice CD Accept the Juice / Whole Loto Love CD/DVD is here!!
Yes, folks, it's finally here! The long awaited CD collection of all limbs 7"s, comp tracks, demos, unreleased tracks and live tracks + a DVD spanning the Limbs entire career from 1999 - 2004 with live footage from San Francisco to Berlin to Warsaw and many places in between + oodles of bonus features. Too many years in the making, this is the definitive document of The Phantom Limbs.

Read Jello's liner notes here.  Buy it today from alternative tentacles or amazon.

Watch the trailer for Whole Loto love here:


contactz! Requests for promotional materials should be made to our label, Alternative Tentacles
All other inquires can be made to the band at: thephantomlimbs [at]


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* Limbs are kaput. 1999-2005, Reunion Shows 2016-2018. No More!
Random Hymns Last copies of limited edition white vinyl version of Random Hymns! Get one today!
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